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WANG Lien-cheng /

Statement /
Lien-Cheng Wang is a new media artist, open source education collaborator and audiovisual performer, residing in Taipei, Taiwan. His artistic and research involve with interactive devices and real-time sound performance. He uses open source to create installation art and audio-visual real-time performance. The works are committed to seamless combination of images and sounds created by computer algorithm as well as human perception with the universe and nature. He often utilizes a volume of installed approach to achieve a unique physical perception. Now he is currently appointed as lecturer in the new media department of Taipei National University of the Arts. His works have been exhibited and performed at Linz Ars Eletronica (Austria), New Technological Art Award (Belgium), Les Journées GRAME (France), MADATAC (Spain), Digital Art Festival Taipei (Taiwan), Taipei Art Award, etc.